Kwik'Pak Marketplace

Welcome to the Kwik'pak marketplace!pikes market seattle

Kwik’pak Fisheries has a great story to tell about our wild Yukon River salmon which has been described by one of the world’s most respected chefs as “the best fish I ever ate.”

Our story starts with the Yukon River, the longest salmon-producing river in the world, and the traditions of the Yupik Eskimo people whose ancestors settled here over 10,000 years ago.

Today, this unique fishery is the last Native American fishery of its kind in Alaska. And while fishing is still done following age old traditions, community-owned Kwik’pak Fisheries operates a modern processing plant in Emmonak, Alaska where we focus on strict quality standards to produce the most delicious, nutritious and sustainable salmon in the world that is also fully traceable back to its source.

Through the Kwik’pak Marketplace, we not only hope to show you what makes this fish and the people who catch it so special, but to also tell you how to purchase it for your restaurant, retail market or family. We hope you enjoy this journey learning more about our product.