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VERIFY the Authenticity of your Salmonemmonak fish tagged for trace

At Kwik’pak Fisheries, we believe that people who purchase seafood at the grocery store or restaurant deserve to know where and when their fish was caught, and—if possible—by whom. This is especially true in the case of Pacific salmon, which can differ widely in quality, nutritional profile, texture, and flavor, depending on species and region. We’re proud of our unique, world-class salmon. It is like no other fish on Earth, and we feel consumers should be able to know that the fish they have purchased is “the real thing”!

In fact, Kwik’pak Fisheries was the first wild salmon producer to recognize the value of giving consumers the tools they need to verify the authenticity of “their” fish.  In 2009, we entered into a pioneering partnership with the global food traceability company, Trace Register™, LLC, to develop a full traceability system that would give consumers the ability to trace their salmon back to the area where it was caught on the Lower Yukon River, as well as to see when it was caught.

By providing a system that allows our salmon to be fully accounted for and traced back to the Lower Yukon, Kwik’pak Fisheries has led the way for the industry in addressing the issue of food traceability, now mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into law in January 2011.  Through our alliance with Trace Register™, we have far exceeded the new federal government requirement by making our products fully traceable throughout the supply pulling on the yukon river
Through our leadership in setting up full chain traceability technology, people who buy fish from Kwik’pak Fisheries can be assured of the authenticity and safety of their food. Few companies can provide this assurance to consumers. There is also another benefit to traceability.  The buyer—from home cook to chef to retailer—can now be assured that the salmon they have purchased is, in fact, authentic wild Yukon River salmon.  We are justifiably proud of this last great truly wild salmon—salmon that is not born and raised in a hatchery as is much of the supposed “wild” salmon.  And we want to make sure that the people who buy our fish are getting what they paid for! Another obvious benefit of supply chain traceability is that it also ensures that the fishermen who catch this special fish are properly compensated for their catch. 

We are justifiably proud that we have taken the lead in implementing full traceability and the fact that, once again, we have shown our leadership by taking technology one step further.  Buyers of our products now have the opportunity to go beyond a static snapshot and see a fishing video.  By simply scanning in a special widget via a SmartPhone or keying in the unique “Trace Code” to their home computers, purchasers can see a video, taken on the fishing grounds, that shows the both the fisherman and the general location where the fish was caught and offloaded to a tender boat.

See for yourself!  Simply click on the “Trace Your Fish” icon located throughout this website. That icon takes you to a special site, called, that will let you enter the Trace code from the package you bought and discover even more about our great salmon.

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